Jennie & Greg's Story

Jennie and Greg are just two people among millions in this country who are drowning in a sea of medical debt … but Jennie is my daughter, Greg is my son-in-law, and I want to help them.

the Promises!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9 ... Read more: Promises

HIS Faithfulness!

Greg's February scans were also good news, still no new cancer! God is faithful! ..... Read more: Faithfulness


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Aug 25 2013

Jennie and Greg's Story

A long-overdue update … August 25, 2013

In September of 2012, Greg, Jennie and Shiloh moved to just north of Houston where Greg was offered an opportunity to be an assistant pastor and Jennie was able to transfer to another branch of the same bank she worked for. Fortunately, child care was a benefit of Greg’s work with the church and Shiloh loves her teacher and friends there.  Greg received one Masters degree in the spring of 2013 and continues with more classes to finish his MDiv.

Life went along and they tried to keep up with everyday living expenses. Then, they get the news that the church cannot afford to keep Greg on, so he will need to find other employment in mid-September.  Big shock for them.  Greg has been accepted at a hospital in Houston to begin a CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) class that he needs to become a chaplain and continues his studies for his MDiv. He has not been able to find other work opportunities, however. Jennie has also looked for full-time work without success and continues with as many hours as she can with the bank. She loves the people and the work there.  Now, they will also have the financial burden of childcare added to a much lower income … but they continue to believe God has a plan, which He undoubtedly does! Evenso, with all of this comes a huge amount of stress.

Greg has continued to return to the Cancer Center about every three months for scans and praise God, nothing new has showed up!

But there is more stress to come … Thursday, August 15, 2013, they announce (much to their surprise and everyone else also) that they are expecting another miracle baby and they were very happy!  

One week later, Thursday, August 22, Greg goes to a doctor because he had been having headaches for a week and had been having trouble articulating … the doctor did a CT scan and sent him to the hospital for an MRI … the mass on his brain (found at the Cancer Center two years ago) had grown and now is causing problems. Greg was scheduled for emergency brain surgery for the next day.

The surgery was very successful! A benign meningioma was completely removed and he will not need further treatment for that.  I write this on Sunday after the surgery on Friday. He was up walking in the hallway today and is expected to return home tomorrow! The doctor said if the tumor had grown and pushed on the brain much more that he could have had a stroke. They are praising God for His mighty faithfulness!

There is still much uncertainty for them at this point … the job is ending very soon and they are both very concerned about the big lack of finances and no job for Greg in the near future with the recovery time, but they are both trusting God. Greg plans to continue his studies and take the CPE class this fall.  He is hoping to be able to get a residency as a chaplain after this semester … but they are confident God has a great plan ahead!

Please do continue to pray for them as they continue their walk and continue to Stand on the Promises and await another little one!   


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