Jennie & Greg's Story

Jennie and Greg are just two people among millions in this country who are drowning in a sea of medical debt … but Jennie is my daughter, Greg is my son-in-law, and I want to help them.

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Feb 03 2015

Jennie and Greg's Story


Another long overdue update ... February 3, 2015

So, where do we begin continuing this almost unbelievable journey ... I guess where the last update left off.

Well, a few weeks after removal of the brain tumor in August of 2013, they found there was still a sliver of the tumor left even though at first they thought it had been completely removed. Since the location of the sliver was on or near the central vein in the middle of the brain, surgery was not an option. It was decided to use a gamma knife to remove it, and that was accomplished in October of 2013.

Because of job situations (see previous update), Jennie and Greg decided their best option, for several reasons, was to move back to Jennie's home area a thousand miles north of Houston and they did so in November of 2013. They began to get settled in their house as Jennie searched for work. Maybe because she was expecting their second surprise miracle baby in March of 2014, no job was found for several months. Right on time, beautiful baby Sophia was born … such a precious bundle of joy!

In May, Jennie got a job offer from a local bank. She enjoyed the job, but the hours didn’t leave much time with their little ones, and that was hard. In December 2014, she got a new job with the area’s largest employer. She not only enjoys the job, but the hours and the increase in pay help tremendously!

Greg, in the meantime, continued with his studies to finish his MDiv (Master of Divinity) and he was accepted into the first unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), February through May of 2014. This was required to be considered for the year-long chaplain residency. The hours involved with the CPE in addition to the health situations he faced really speak to the accomplishment it was for him to finish his MDiv in May of 2014! Greg very proudly joined the graduation ceremony on his 40th birthday last December … and he did it with honors!

Greg was accepted into the chaplaincy residency at a local hospital and he so much enjoys this work, as he did being a pastor. He is very good with the people and makes a difference in many lives. He and Jennie were both looking forward to him finishing the residency and (hopefully) the future job as a hospital chaplain.

January 29, 2015, the family was at Olive Garden when Greg had a seizure, fell to the floor and turned blue. Two nurses ‘happened’ to be there and started CPR. Several other patrons of the restaurant helped Jennie with the babies. Once in ER, he aspirated large amounts which have caused pneumonia and now they have also found he has MRSA in his lungs. A CT scan showed a mass on his brain, but an MRI was not able to be performed right away because of his critical condition.

February 2 (day 4 in ICU), they did the MRI, though he continues to have many difficulties with the pneumonia, and the doctor said chances are the mass in another benign meningioma like the first one in 2013 … not another metastasis of his melanoma (there were 3 of those in 2011)! Praise God! He still has much to overcome before leaving ICU.

To temper the great news from the MRI, Jennie also learned that because Greg would only be at the hospital for a year with the residency, he wasn’t eligible for disability income and since Jennie is not working while keeping vigil at the hospital, there is no income at all. Of course, this adds more stress for an already over-the- top stressful situation.

Their previous medical debt is large and Greg’s student loans are massive, these things along with everyday living expenses and whatever will be added with (at this point) an unknown number of days in ICU, then another brain surgery and further hospital stay make things really difficult, but we are confident that God has a plan and He will see it through. We shall just continue to trust.

We are praying Jennie is able to work remotely while this saga continues … that would really help!

Thanks for caring enough to check out this website and especially for your much needed continued prayers for Greg, Jennie, Shiloh and Sophia. We do appreciate you!

May the LORD bless you and keep you …

Until next time,

Jennie’s Mom


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